Welcome to my mind's eye....

If you desire sharp, clean and professional imagery including: Web design, Logo Design, Photography and Digital Retouch work; look no further.

Inspired by some of the great image makers and image takers of the 20th and 21st Centuries with Black Technicolor I aim to create visual art that moves the heart, inspires the mind and captivates the soul. I strongly believe that collaboration and open, honest communication is key to the creative process so I work closely with my clients to create a shared vision and using a versatile range of skills I help my clients turn vision into reality.

I have provided visual art solutions for Corporate, SME's, Musicians, Actors, Models and many more. When this site is fully launched it will serve as a dedication to some of that work and moments of inspiration during that time and will also be a window into my mind's eye going forward.

But until then, snippets of my work are uploaded occasionally and can be viewed at: http://flickr.com/photos/black_technicolor/

As mentioned above, collaboration and communication is key, so please get in touch if anything leaves you with an

impression; good or bad.

All constructive conversation is welcome.

And for those that like to read:

Beauty does not make you a model; equally, equipment does not make me a photographer. Take some time to find out what does....